Yoga Workshops for 2019

February 3rd - A practice of sensitivity alignment and adjustments

A Yoga workshop for those who wish to go deeper into their yoga practice. We will start with a dynamic practice flowing into hips, folds, backbends and inversions. We will look at the role of alignment, pay attention to breath and looking at hands on adjusting - all of these elements which bring more awareness into your own practice.

Assistance in yoga classes is a challenging technique for yoga teachers. Safety and knowledge of the adjustments for different levels of ability are an important prerequisite for good hands-on: on the one hand, they should have an effect on the performed asana, on the other hand, the student may not be brought over his personal limit and in the worst case, suffer an injury.

Adjustments give the yoga class a special depth and intensify the practice of the individual. The relationship between student and teacher is an intimate connection built over time so its vital to recognize when its Ok to adjust, or not. The right eye for the student, the way he touches or verbally instructs, and the intensity of what he does is what helps a student see full value in a posture.

What we will cover:
- Hips, folds and backbends along with a few inversions
- sensitivity to breath - with your own breath and with others
- different body types
- build up confidence with your touch.
- We will include a mixture of poses; some dynamic, difficult or/and restorative
- when its not safe to adjust and use verbal guidance
- energetics in poses and the subtle body
- use of props
- art of listening to the body

Location: Yogaloft studio, Monaghan road, cork city

Time: 10am-2:30pm
Cost: €55

New Years Yoga workshop for vitality, clarity and stillness
Yogazone 13th January

New years Yoga workshop at Yoga zone

Come for a new years practice to create Vitality, Sharp mind, Vital body and Expansive radiance. Connect to our Solar energy through a dynamic practice.
Awaken your Fire through your breath and roll into this new year with Clarity, Calm mind and Stable body.
Practice Deep stillness. Connect to our Lunar energy finishing in Svasasana.

Yogazone studio
Cost: €20

Book: Carmel 087 9694378