I discovered yoga late in life at a time when I needed a practice that would help me personally and spirtually develop but also shift my awareness from the external world to back to myself. I had lost myself so to speak. Having had to deal with neck and back problems from an early age along with full-time corporate graphic design job, I instantly fell in love with the therapeutic results of the dynamic practice but also the solid grounding foundation it gave me. I continue to develop my studies abroad on various workshops and courses and have traveled to India/in Europe to study with recognized international reputable teachers. I base my own yoga practice and teachings from the Ashtanga Yoga system of Manju Jois and the teachings of BKS Iyengar.
I have completed 200hrs Yoga Teacher Training in Ireland, Ashtanga Teacher training with Manu Jois and teacher training with Mathew Sweeney in the Moon Sequence.

kathryn moynihan teaching yoga in ireland

Teachers of mine are Manu Jois, Michael Stone, Dave Curtis (trained under Matzy & Chuck Miller) in Ireland, Matzy & Chuck Miller & recently trained with Andrea Lutz (Berlin) & Aris Kapetanakis (Athens). I am a trained Ayurvedic Life Consultant and undertook extensive study of Ayurveda philosophy & nutrition from an Ayurvedic perspective in Pune, in India with Doctor Neelesh taware.
My meditation practice initially started with Theravada Buddhism - Loving-kindness meditation retreats in West Cork and moving onto Vipassana retreats. From there I have studied and practiced with Tibetan Buddhist teachers in retreat settings and I have my own Buddhist meditation practice. Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche being my main teacher as well as Tai Situ Rinpoche in India and Ani Chodron (the main Palpung buddist teacher in Ireland). I have studied a foundation course with the Karuna Institute - core process psychotherapy course using buddhism.  My own meditation practice has deeply influenced the way I teach yoga.
I likes to teach from the heart while keeping the integrity of the yoga tradition but also keep a sense of humor.
I recognize that sometimes due to individual bodies and various injuries I feel strongly that a yoga practice needs to be customized for each persons needs, in times of therapeutic healing. My love for yoga also extends to creating a happy, safe environment for students to practice and to be challenged - encouraging students to dedicate time and commit to their own yoga practise and lives towards healing, self development and peace.

"Yoga exists in the world because everything is linked"

- Desikashar